Can You Make Money On Facebook: What Guru’s WON’T Tell You!

So, you want to know if you can make money on Facebook?  Hell, you may be wondering if it is even possible to make extra cash on the world’s most popular social media app without having to spend a dime!

Well, good news for you: yes, you can make money on Facebook. I can even teach you how to do it!

While using Facebook can be a lucrative opportunity for many, for others it can be difficult to know where to start. By the end of this long post, I hope you will be able to leverage Facebook for yourself so you can make a killing on the website during these tough times.

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can you make money on Facebook

Can You Make Money on Facebook? What You Need to Know

The first thing you need to understand when it comes to learning how to use the site to cash in on lucrative opportunities is that you can do so for free…in the beginning. As with most things online, you can’t leverage free opportunities for long. Eventually, you WILL have to spend money. Before you can freak out over this, let me explain.

Making money online, regardless of where you make it, is a numbers game deep down. For Facebook, it all comes down to the followers you have, both on your profile or on your own page. The more followers or likes you have on a page, the more money you can make while spending less in the process. In the end, just like with many things online, it all comes down to how many eyes you can get on whatever it is you are selling or promoting. The more followers or likes means the more eyes you can get on your opportunity, the more people will be enticed to buy.


What Do You Need In Order to Make Money on Facebook?

Luckily, you don’t really need much in order to begin making money on Facebook. All you need are:

1. A Facebook Account

The first step to making money online on Facebook is obviously having a Facebook account. Creating a Facebook account is absolutely free to do. Best of all, it only takes a few simple steps!

2. A Facebook Page

If you want to use Facebook for marketing or business purposes, you will need to have a Facebook page dedicated solely for that purpose. This is the page that you will be posting consistent content, drawing attention to, and eventually will be using to help drive sales.


The Good vs Bad of Facebook

The Good

  • Free to use and free sign up for
  • Cheap for advertising
  • Can increase sales, leads, and revenue through brand awareness
  • 1.69 billion daily users
  • Multi-device friendly
  • Great for people on a strict advertising budget

The Bad

  • It can be difficult to build a large audience
  • You CAN spend too much money on advertising if you don’t know what you are doing
  • Time-consuming
  • Will need money in order to begin advertising

The Best Ways to Make Money on Facebook

There are so many ways to make money on Facebook. So much in fact, if I were to write about them all, I would never get this post up on this site. However, for this site, I decided to stick with the simplest and most cost-effective ways.

1. Affiliate Marketing

can you make money on Facebook

One of the most common ways to make money on Facebook (one of the most common ways to make money in general), is through affiliate marketing. You have probably seen plenty of affiliate marketers on your timeline but probably haven’t been aware of it until now. This is because one of the benefits of marketing affiliate products on Facebook is that it doesn’t require much of an effort.

  • Step One: Create a Facebook page centered around your niche.
  • Step Two: Find a niche-related affiliate product or program to promote. I highly recommend finding a product or program you have an interest in or are passionate about. I promise this will make it easier to promote as you scale things up.
  • Step Three: Post consistently on your Facebook page. This is extremely important so you can keep your future audience engaged regularly. Stick to an 80/20 rule: share insightful, helpful, or even funny niche related content on your page 80% of the time. 20% of the time, share affiliate links or promote your product or program.
  • Step Four: Take the time to grow your audience on your page. If you are in a rush, you can advertise your page via Facebook ads to garner quick likes on your page. However, if you are in for the long haul, don’t hesitate to share your page across your other social media profiles and email list to keep it growing consistently.
  • Step Five: Track your results. Tracking is key. You will be able to see what posts are gaining the most engagement and track how many people are clicking through to your affiliate links.
  • Step Six: Leverage and Repeat. Once you have tracked your results for a while, you will be able to see what is working and what isn’t. Stop what isn’t working and leverage what is. Scale it up and profit!


2. Sell Your Own Products

can you make money on Facebook

With the success of online commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon, many people are turning to sell their own products on these sites or their very own eCommerce sites. Facebook has one of the largest user bases today.

What does this mean?

It means it is literally filled to the brim with potential customers, many of whom may be looking for a product or program YOU are selling. This can help you increase your revenue, as long as you know how to market your program, service, or product correctly.

  • Step One: Create a Facebook page solely for your products or brand.
  • Step Two: Grow your audience on your page. Increase the likes your page has by sharing your page with friends and family. Share to other social media platforms associated with your brand. Remember, this may take time. Invest in advertising your page whenever possible.
  • Step Three: Make sure your products are ready for sale. This includes making sure everything about it is perfect, from product images, selling points, reviews, etc.
  • Step Four: Create a landing page strictly for your product and link it to your Facebook page. This is where you will drive traffic from your page to your product where it can turn into sales.
  • Step Five: Make sure to post consistently on your page. Make sure to post daily with topics related to your product’s niche and be sure to keep the amount you post about your product specifically to a minimum. 
  • Step Six: Track and leverage what is working for greater results.


3. Promote Your eBook

can you make money on Facebook

Facebook can be a dream for self-published authors. Not only is it one of the greatest places to find an audience who may be interested in your book, but it can also be a great tool to use to help get people excited for your next book. Selling eBooks on Facebook is relatively easy, working similarly to how you can sell your own products on the platform.

  • Step One: Create a Facebook page centered around your book’s genre or niche.
  • Step Two: Take the time to grow your audience on your Facebook page. Remember, this step takes time, even if you pay to advertise your page on Facebook using Facebook ads.
  • Step Three: Make sure your book is ready for sale. Make sure that wherever your book is published, it is ready to have visitors driven to it and ready to accept sales transactions.
  • Step Four: Create a landing page specifically designed for your book and to capture sales leads. This will be the primary page you use to drive traffic from your page to your book. 
  • Step Five: Post on your Facebook page consistently.  Make sure to post status updates or images to hype up the release of your next book or post about a subject related to the genre that your readers will appreciate.
  • Step Six: Track your results, keep your audience engaged, and leverage what is working.


4. Sell on the Facebook Marketplace

can you make money on Facebook

One of the most underutilized places on Facebook is the Facebook Marketplace. To be honest, not enough people use this section of the social media platform enough, I am almost tempted to write a post on this site specifically about it. The Marketplace works similarly to any other online marketplace you can find online like eBay: you can post items on the Marketplace for a specific price for others to buy if they are interested. You can sell a variety of products ranging from electronics to furniture.

  • Step One: Find things you can sell on the Marketplace. These can be items you have found from local garage sales, thrift stores, or even items you no longer use in your home. Make sure to aim for finding items you can flip for an easy profit.
  • Step Two: List the item on the Marketplace. When listing these items, make sure you take good pictures of each item, making sure to get every angle of it. You want potential buyers to see exactly what it is they may be buying and the condition of the item. Make sure to include important aspects of the item such as:
    • Working condition
    • Any nicks or dents
    • Whether you will ship to the customer directly or whether they have to pick it up
    • If you are flexible on the price
  • Step Three: Wait for customers to contact you about the product. This is a step that can happen fairly quickly. Most customers will contact you through Facebook Messenger directly to learn more about the item, to find out if it is still available or to negotiate a price with you.
  • Step Four: Sell the item and list more products for sale. This is a platform you use to make a profitable business if you do it correctly.


5. Create Webinars

can you make money on Facebook

You have probably come across free webinars on your timeline time and again. It is a highly popular method people use to make money on Facebook. So much, in fact, most people don’t use it to their advantage. Nowadays, people are willing to take online classes or webinars, especially if it helps them to expand their knowledge regarding subjects they are passionate about. It is also a great way for you to cash in on subjects you are knowledgeable in while sharing that knowledge with others who may need it.

  • Step One: Create a Facebook page dedicated to your niche.
  • Step Two: Create everything you need for a webinar. This could be a full-scale Powerpoint presentation, training materials, .PDF’s or videos. You want to do this BEFORE your actual webinar. You want to make sure your webinar is fully created before the day it launches live.
  • Step Three: Begin to grow your audience. As previously mentioned, share your Facebook page across different social media platforms and websites. Again, this step will take time.
  • Step Four: Create a landing page for your webinar. This landing page will collect the information of those who sign up for it. This can be done using a simple email marketing service such as Aweber or Go Chimp. 
  • Step Five: Promote your webinar daily on your Facebook page. This will help draw interest to your webinar. Post relevant information to the subject of your webinar and build up hype.
  • Step Six: Launch your webinar. Your webinar can double as the first step of your sales funnel, to which you draw potential customers to a secondary offer at the end of the webinar or to a free course where you will eventually sell to them later down the line.
  • Step Seven: Rinse and repeat.


6. Sell Advertisements

can you make money on Facebook

This is a method you can use if you already have a Facebook page with a decent-sized audience. I’m talking over 10,000 likes or followers (real people, not bots). This is something most people with smaller audiences are looking for and some of these people are even willing to pay for it. It is a great way for people to reach out to more people who may be interested in the products, programs, or services they are offering. It can even be used as a way to drive more likes to another person’s page…of course for the right price.

  • Step One: Continue to use the methods you have used to grow your audience. The more likes or followers you can get on your page, the more money you can sell the advertisements on your page for.
  • Step Two: Advertise your advertisement space on other sites such as Twitter, Facebook groups, or sites like Fiverr. The point of doing this is to drive interest in your advertisement space. Make sure to include what is included in the advertisement for the price whether that is images, tagging, or boosted posts.
  • Step Three: Rinse and repeat as many times as you wish. You want to make sure you don’t clog up your Facebook page with advertisements. Doing so is a quick way to get people uninterested in your page. So, keep advertisements to a minimum.


7. Sell Your Freelance Services

can you make money on Facebook

Facebook can be a godsend to freelancers. Trust me, I know from experience. If you have a Facebook page dedicated to the kind of services you offer such as web building services or content writing, a page that can be used as a secondary portfolio, it can be a great way to find some potential clients.

  • Step One: Create a Facebook page. This page should be centered around the type of work you offer. If you build websites, make sure to create a page centered around the latest work you have completed. If you write content, share links to the latest blog posts or website pages you have personally created.
  • Step Two: Post consistently. Make sure to post things such as screencaps of your latest works, informative articles from niche relevant experts, opinion pieces written by you, or even funny memes related to your industry.
  • Step Three: Promote your page. Share your page in industry-related Facebook groups to gain an audience of people like you who are interested or work in your niche. Use Facebook ads for fast likes or followers who may be interested in your content.
  • Step Four: Make sure to create a landing page or contact page where people can be linked directly to your contact information, personal website, or online portfolio. The point is to drive potential clients to places where they can contact you personally for work.
  • Step Five: Repeat. This is something that has no time limit. If you want to keep a constant flow of potential clients coming to your work, be sure to update your page regularly and keep your audience engaged with updates of your latest projects.


The Bottomline

Remember, we barely touched the surface of the ways you can make money on Facebook within this post. The few ways I have discussed are great starting points. However, the only way for you to make money on Facebook is for you to try it yourself and find methods that work for you.


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Can You Make Money on Facebook: What the Guru's WON'T Tell You!
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Can You Make Money on Facebook: What the Guru's WON'T Tell You!
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