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While I can go into much more depth about working from home in general, I would like to lightly touch upon this subject.

Why? Because it is so broad.

While I can tell you what I do to work from home, what I do may not necessarily work for you. Hell, it may not even interest you.

Obviously, there are hundreds of different ways you can make money online, but this is exactly what I will be teaching you throughout the first week of this course.

At Wealthy Affiliate, where you have signed up for your free online profile, there are many different ways that you are taught to make money online. However, over the next couple of days, I will cover one of these methods. It is perhaps the easiest and best way that you can make money online today and this subject can be found in further depth in the Online Entrepreneur Course available to you in Wealthy Affiliate. It is so widely use, most business even use this tactic, but you may not have realized it yet

In simple terms, most businesses only operate simply by matching a particular product to a buyer by utilizing the Internet. This can also be done with a service. Regardless of what is being matched to a customer, every businesses uses one thing: Internet Marketing.


Here’s Exactly What I Mean…

When you decide to buy something online, what is the first thing that you do? You will most likely use a popular search engine on the Internet such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

As you search for your desired products, your chosen search engine will give you results for a variety of different websites that feature the exact product or service you are looking for.

For example, let’s say that I am looking to adopt a puppy. I’m going to go online and search for products and services that will help me to raise this puppy such as a dog crate. So, let’s say that I go into Google and type in “dog crate for a boxer puppy.”

Google will then bring up a list of websites that feature dog crates specifically sized for boxer puppies.

Let’s take this a step further. Let’ say I don’t like any of the products featured. Let’s then say that I instead type into the search engine, “covered dog crate for boxer puppies.” Again I still don’t find the exact product that I like. So, I try again and type in the search engine, “Plush boxer style dog crate.”

Do these even exist? I have no clue.

What’s The Entire Point?

Do you believe that if you built a website with a post or page that had a title, “Plush boxer style dog crate,” that I would buy one of these expensive crates from you?

Of course!

While you don’t need to necessarily run a business that is solely about dog crates, you can make a website that features such a product, a great description of it and link that website to the company that has the product. When a person makes a purchase from your website, you make a commission and hence you make money.

This is exactly how Internet Marketing works.

Think of your favorite store, or brand. Do they have a website? If they do, what kind of content do they create? Do they have specific pages dedicated to a product/service and then promoting it?

Exactly! Every business that exists online uses some form of Internet Marketing.

This is where you come in. Your primary job will be to help buyers find the products that they are searching for on a daily basis. You can learn these skills, and become an asset to these businesses because you hold the key to their success: connecting potential buyers to their products or service.

By now you have probably figured out what Internet Marketing is really all about. Now, let’s actually take a look at what an internet marketer has to do in order to make money online.

Step 1: Conducting Keyword Research

If you are new to Internet Marketing, this is one thing that you will have to get used to very quickly. The whole point of keyword research is to find the exact words that people are searching for in search engines on a daily basis. These keywords can be anything from dog crates for boxers to why does Miley Cyrus lick everything?

You will want to find keywords that relate to particular products that people are looking to buy right now instead of just words that are used in general terms.

Think about the words you type into a search engine when you are looking for something. What would you search for?

Step 2: Find The Right Affiliate Program For You

This is how you are going to make your money (if you want to work primarily for yourself) and it is something that you will HAVE to do. However, it is important that you find an established affiliate program to sign up for and that has a proven record of paying out there affiliates when they say they will. You can find this covered in more detail in the Level 1 Certification Course of Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Course.

You may be surprised to find how many companies are actually competing with one another for your help!

Step 3: Build Your Own Website

I know that this can seem like a very scary thing to do especially when you have never done it before. I can’t tell you how scared I was to build my first website, but after creating it I was able to create 2 more websites with ease. Getting a basic website up and running is very easy to accomplish nowadays.

Actually you can build one in about 30 seconds by using the website builder offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

You know one of the best things about learning how to build your own website?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be used for internet marketing. You can build a website to fit whatever purpose you may need it for!

Click here to learn how to build your own website!

Step 4: Researching and Creating Quality Content

With your website, you are going to want to provide your visitors with useful and helpful information that will benefit them. You are not going to be showcasing a bunch of products here for Amazon! When you provide your visitors with useful, helpful and unique content on your website, you will gain the ultimate authority on the Internet in your niche.

What is the importance of this? Authority will help you to rank your website on the search engines, giving you more visitors which can help you to make more sales and help you to make more money.

Step 5: Expand Your Brand and Promote It!

I know that once you build your website, you may think that you are all done. Well, no. The truth of the matter is that the work for you doesn’t stop there. To promote your site and expand your brand all over the Internet, you are going to have to create videos, share various pictures, write a lot of articles, answer any questions that people may have, talk to people on forums related to your niche, start your own podcast (optional) and tons of other stuff.

If you have chosen the perfect niche, then you really only need one website to make all of the income you need to sustain you for the entire year.

Step 6: Repeat The Process

The truth is that the very first website you make most likely won’t be a huge moneymaker for you. My first site certainly wasn’t but it did help to give me all of the practice I need to make my second website the big breadwinner.

The same will happen to you. With this website, you will learn what keywords you are going to have to target, how to write better articles and website content and how to create better and beautiful websites down the road.


So far you have learned exactly how internet marketing works and what your primary job will be as an internet marketer.

Exciting isn’t it?

Don’t feel bad if you do not understand some of the terms I have mentioned in this course. The goal of this whole thing is not to make you a marketing expert in a week, instead it is to begin giving you a broad understanding of the subject matter as a whole.

Tomorrow we will begin to take a look at some of the many type of scams that are out there today and how you can properly identify them so you can protect yourself from them in the future. Again, we will go over that in greater detail tomorrow.

Your Tasks For Today:

1. Think About The Last Purchase You Made On The Internet.

How did you find this product? What were you thinking as you did so? Did you find all of the information you were looking for when searching the Internet?

2. Write Down 2-3 Interests That You Currently Have.

This will be important for you because it will ultimately result in what kind of success your business will have. Write down a couple of paid products or services that are related to your interests. It can be anything from video games to dog food, to fashion to underwater basket weaving classes.



Tomorrow’s lesson will be an important one to keep up with. There are many online scams out there and if you had the misfortune to buy into some of the biz-op opportunities that are offered out there (particularly on Facebook and Instagram), then you will certainly want to get into tomorrow’s lesson.

See you then!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 2!

  • August 4, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    You said you’ve made a lot of money on Craigslist. I think you did it with ClickBank????? Do I have to have a website to be an affiliate of ClickBank?


    • August 4, 2015 at 10:09 pm

      No you don’t have to have a website in order to become an affiliate with Clickbank, but it will certainly help.

  • August 19, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    I have to admit this seems a bit scary but seeing that you guys take the time to communicate everything step by step makes me feel much better.

    • August 20, 2015 at 3:05 am

      Lol I know that it can seem a bit overwhelming at first but remember we all started out the same place you are right now. We know exactly what it feels to be lost so we do our best to help out as much as we can.

  • December 8, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    hello, Nessa

    thanks for opening my eye.

    i tried signig up to WA, but keep on getting the message “you already have an account” meanwhile, the truth is i dont have any account yet.

    please help

    • December 9, 2015 at 5:48 pm

      I would contact support then (it should be on the bottom of the home screen) to help you out 🙂 I hope that helps.


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